Portable Air Conditioners: No Drain Required
Self-Evaporative Condensate Removal


Climax VS12: No drain line needed & no reservoir to empty.

All air conditioners remove humidity from the air, the Climax VS12 portable air conditioner is no exception and does a very efficient job of dehumidification. As is the case with all portable air conditioners, the moisture is removed in the form of condensation that accumulates on the indoor coil and then falls due to gravity into a collection area. Many portable air conditioners use either a small pump or a gravity drain line to direct the accumulated condensate water to a drain line or to an outdoors location. Other types of portable air conditioners collect the condensate water in a reservoir that must be emptied daily, or more frequently in high-humidity conditions.


The Climax portable air conditioner does not need a drain, or pump, or reservoir. It collects the condensate water in a drip-pan area, then the condensate water is sprayed onto the hot condenser coil where it vaporizes into the hot exhaust air, the moisture is rejected to the outdoors through the exhaust air duct hose.


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