Portable Air Conditioners:
Why is a Variable Speed DC Inverter Compressor Better?


In addition to the fact that a DC Inverter motor uses less electricity at any given speed of operation, only a DC Inverter compressor has the variable speed/variable capacity performance needed to achieve the highest SEER ratings. Getting a high SEER rating is mostly about how the air conditioner performs in varying and part-load conditions when full speed operation is not needed. A DC Inverter air conditioner uses 30-40% less power to do the same job. That's why all major manufacturers of central, split, and mini-split systems use DC Inverter compressors in their high-end, highest efficiency systems.


In the entire global consumer market, only Climax uses a DC Inverter energy saving compressor in a portable air conditioner.


A standard compressor comes on when the thermostat calls for cooling, and turns off a little after the thermostat set-point has been met, meaning the system is constantly stopping and starting, chasing and overshooting the thermostat. Continuously starting and stopping shortens the life of equipment, and is not energy efficient.

Each time an AC compressor starts, power is wasted while waiting for the system to achieve its nominal operating pressures and temperatures before it can provide its rated cooling, even though full electric power is consumed during this time.
illustration of dc inverter portable air conditioner performanceRoom Temperature: On/Off Compressor Vs. DC Inverter Compressor


The process of falling off and then overshooting the thermostat setting to maintain an average temperature approximating the set point provides less comfort for the room occupants and wastes energy. A DC Inverter compressor doesn't need to overshoot, and very rarely cuts off because it has the ability to speed up and slow down, run at low speed, etc. to match its power exactly to the cooling requirements of the moment and maintain comfortable even temperatures.


image shows dc inverter ac unit savings
Shows typical performance of 2-ton AC unit
with and without DC Inverter compressor.


Undisputed evidence exists from EnergyStar, DOE and the various heating and cooling industry resources, including AHRI, showing that variable speed compressors operate with up to 30% to 40% less electrical energy usage compared to the same size system using a less efficient fixed speed compressor.


There is currently no SEER rating available for portable air conditioners, and no portable AC units are able to advertise a SEER rating. Because of higher costs for manufacturing DC Inverter units, and with no valuable SEER rating to pursue, no manufacturers other than Climax offers a DC Inverter portable air conditioner.

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