The Climax VS12

The Worlds Most Efficient Portable Air Conditioner Features:


12,000 BTU Rating

This is a "real" rating of the unit at AHRI official test conditions, not a simple "change of enthalpy" rating like what is used by most portable air conditioner manufacturers, a rating method that fails to consider infiltration air. At 95 F outdoor temperature and 75 F indoor temperature, the Climax VS12 delivers nearly twice the net cooling of a standard 12,000 BTU rated portable air conditioner. Understand portable AC capacity

Saves 50% Electricity

Climax VS12 uses 50% less energy compared to normal portable air conditioners of the same rated capacity. Actually the VS12 can save up to 72% under certain hot weather conditions.


No Drain Line Needed

Self-evaporative feature vaporizes accumulated condensate and blows it out the exhaust hose avoiding the need for a drain line or reservoir. This prevents the need for running a drain line or emptying a reservoir.


DC Inverter Compressor

High SEER variable speed DC compressor saves power, has a much longer life, runs more quietly,  and starts softly to avoid voltage spikes or brownouts.

This is the same type compressor used in the worlds highest SEER mini-splits, and has a much higher EER, SEER, and COP than standard compressors used in portable air conditioners. Learn about portable AC DC Inverter compressor


Dual Hose Design

Increases capacity, lowers indoor humidity, and allows the DC Inverter compressor to  ramp down to lower power draw.
See how dual hose portable air conditioner increases capacity

Remote Control

This handy digital remote control feature allows you to adjust the temperature and settings of the unit from across the room.


Simple Installation by End User

Plugs into standard 110/115/120v outlet and connects easily using the included window kit.


7 Year Limited Warranty

The longest warranty in the industry protects the Climax VS12. See portable AC warranty

UPS Packaging

This unit is packaged to be shipped by UPS, survive rough handling, and arrive without damage. See packaging

Fully Certified: UL 484 /TUV /CEC

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See Dual Hose DC Inverter Portable Air Conditioner Brochure/Spec Sheet


See Dual Hose DC Inverter Portable Air Conditioner Installation Manual












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